3 Easy Products to Start Your Own Smart Home

IDevices Plug

As far as simplicity goes this product is “Plug and Play.”  Just download the App and follow the set up instructions and you can automate just about anything that you can plug into a receptacle. Once installed this product works great for lamps and even offers a customizable built in Night Light that can be controlled separately of the on/off power feature. On top of all that the application affects the ability to monitor power consumption. Which will help you understand why you should switch to LED light bulbs.

Lifx Bulbs

Speaking of LED bulbs these Lifx Bulbs are the top of the line. With no Hub to install just download the Lifx application and screw in the bulbs and you will be able to paint your walls with color. Baked into Lifx application are many different ways to enjoy the rich color that they out put, like animations and color scenes. They even make options that include infrared light that can help your security cameras see better at night.

Schlage Sense Deadbolt

Speaking of security this easy to install smart door lock by Schlage offers a wide variety of features. These include traditional key operation, passcode access, Siri control, or in app control. If apple products aren’t your thing the company also offers the Schlage Connect that works with many Z-wave Hubs on the market. The product is as easy to install as switching to a traditional deadbolt and set up is a breeze. Advanced features offered are security sounds and time delayed auto locking so you never forget to lock your door again.


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