Alexa Just Opened Her Eyes

Echo Show

Today, Amazon has released information on its next smart-home product to hit the market and it’s eye opening.  The product, aptly named the Echo Show, is packed with the same features that we have grown accustom to in other products in the Echo line-up, (Echo Dot, Echo Tap, and the Original Echo) but like the Echo Look which was release weeks ago, the Echo Show introduces new hardware and software features to the mix.

The Echo Show’s headlining feature is a built in 7” touch screen display which the company says can be used to do things like: Show Lyrics to a song, play Youtube Videos, play Flash News videos, show weather information, and more.

Another interesting feature that will be released with the Echo Show, and new to the Echo family of products, is the ability to make and receive hands-free video calls with others that adopt the Echo Show into their homes or whom have the Alexa App. Amazon will accomplish this with the use of a built in 5MP camera on the front of the Echo Show.  It’s unclear as to if the Alexa App will be updated prior to the release of the Echo Show, which the company says will be released on June 28th 2017, or if we will have to wait to try this feature out at the time of release.

Amazon also promises to team up with products and cameras of all sorts.  Examples given by the company are Home Security Cameras like Ring Video Doorbell and Arlo Security Cameras, and even Video Baby Monitors as well as the typical smart home devices of lights, fans and thermostats.

It looks like the Echo Look will come in two color varieties white and black and will cost  $229.99. To read more about the product release or to pre-order head over to Amazon.


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