Apple HomePod Pre-Order!!!

Apple’s highly anticipated smart speaker finally has a release date.  Apple announced the HomePod back in June at their annual WWDC with an initial release date of later in the year (2017). However, Apple decided near the end of last year they needed a bit more time to get the HomePod ready for marked. Well, the wait is now over. Apple loyalists that were able to hold out over the holidays can pre-order the product Apple is billing as the smartest speaker to hit the market, this Friday on the companies website.

The HomePod is Apples attempt to reinvent the smart speaker and area that certainly has left room for audiophiles to desire more.  However, coming in late to the game has allowed the competitors like Sonos a chance to up the sound quality by delivering smartApple-HomePod speakers of its own. Nevertheless, the HomePod is said to pack quite a punch itself, featuring a High Excursion Woofer along with seven tweeters in a seamless mesh fabric that covers a full 360 degrees range. The speaker’s brains are powered by Apples A8 chip which the company touts as being the fastest most robust processor in a speaker of this size.  The A8 chip will allow the HomePod to in real time adjust the audio to fill a room based on audio feedback that the speakers microphones pick up. This will allow the speaker to adjust for echo’s as well as shape the audio in the perfect direction to complement the environment the user is in.

The HomePod will be available for pre-order this Friday, Jan. 26th 2018 and should ship around February 9th, 2018. For more information on the HomePod, you can visit This Link to Apple’s Website. The Average Joe site will certainly post a full review once we get our hands on one. Until then live smart out there!




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