Apple Slid Past Most of the HomeKit Stuff at WWDC

WWDC was last week and though I expected a big showing on the home automation and HomeKit front Apple seemed to glance over the subject.  Though not much was mentioned a few things of note have trickled out in relation to HomeKit improvements in iOS 11.

iOS 11 Updates

-With Airplay 2 you will be able to  control multiple speakers from within HomeKit.  This is exciting as it appears that you will be able to automate your music.  Example might be to have your lights come on and your relaxing play list begin to play when you get home from work.  Now if only HomeKit could pour you a beer as well.

-Apple is said to have relaxed some of the HomeKit requirements which will hopefully speed up adoption by device makers.  Perhaps Chamberlain MyQ will actually be able to support HomeKit by the end of this decade.

-Developers and or Hobbyists will will be able to develop devices or adapt devices on their own with software authentication now as long as the device isn’t for commercial sale.  This should interest the Rasberry Pi folks who have already been using Homebidge as a work around for certain devices.

-Homekit will now support timers.  This is a feature I have been begging for.  Utilizing this feature for things like motion sensors or smart lock/door sensors would be a great improvement.

-Smarter location based triggers will also be available.  This will allow HomeKit to recognize first in and last out situations.  So that now when you leave to head to the store your wife will not be sitting in a dark house wondering if the power went out.

-Machine Learning to proactively suggest things you might do in the “Home” app.

-Customize the control center on your iOS device to include HomeKit scenes or devices.



-Home-Pod, Apple is finally bringing its Alexa and Google-Home Competitor.  They seem to focus on quality of sound more than the features it will include.  The Device will be release later this year at a price point of $349.00

Thats about all of the information out right now for HomeKit improvements.  I would expect to see more improvements as we go along this year especially once the “more on apple tv” information is released.

As always check back for updates.




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