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Ring Pro (the video doorbell)

Ring Pro

I have said this many times to everyone that will listen.  If I was told today I could only keep one smart home product this would be it.  Some products save you money, some product are just about convenience and others are about safety.  This product checks so many boxes for me.  I don’t have to get up when a door to door sales person comes to the door.  I can turn the doorbell off if my son is taking a nap. I know when my packages are delivered and can keep an eye on them while I’m not home. I generally feel that my family is much safer while Ring is always watching. I would say don’t take my word for it but no.  Do take my word for it but if you need more info check out Rings page full of heart felt moments, lol moments and the moments that really matter life saving moments. You can go directly to the page here or for more information go to


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