Elgato Eve is Pushing My Buttons, In A Smart Way!

Elgato, maker of the Eve smart home product line had some interesting news today as CES 2018 kicks off.  The company announced a new device to their already expansive collection of smart home products.  The newest product is called the Eve Button, and in keeping with the company strategy is a sleek, small, but elegantly... Continue Reading →

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Fibaro Updates its HomeKit Application

Fibaro has just updated its HomeKit application adding increased tuning options for their HomeKit enabled products. Fibaro Motion Motion Sensitivity With the update, the Fibaro Motion sensitivity can now be adjusted to High, Medium, or Low. Tamper Sensitivity Tamper Settings for the unit can also be adjusted to High, Medium, or Low, as well as... Continue Reading →

Logitech Circle 2 With HomeKit Review

Intro Logitech has recently upgraded its firmware for their new flagship smart security camera the Circle 2. As promised by the company at release the update includes HomeKit platform support for the product, making it only the second official HomeKit integrated security camera on the market. Some confusion from the original announcement over what versions... Continue Reading →

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