Chamberlain Finally Honors a Commitment

Albeit late, today Chamberlain has released an iOS update that gives its product line of MyQ operated garage doors HomeKit Support. If you look back Chamberlain, which started delivering MyQ products with the promise of adding HomeKit support in the “near future” via a firmware upgrade, ran into serious problems putting the cart before the horse in 2015. So much so that they had to pull back on the firmware promise altogether.

Then in early 2017 the company finally divulged that it would be bringing an upgraded device that will have HomeKit ability baked right in for new customers as well as a bridge device that will need to be purchased to bring support to existing customers. The company announced firm release dates of April and July for such products but again failed to deliver.

All is not lost though as today they have made good on at least one of their promises to bring HomeKit support sometime in the future. You can update the Chamberlain MyQ application today on your iOS device and the products are available for purchase today at Although at the time of this article the website is all but locked up assuming with angry customers that feel a bit duped into purchasing more hardware.


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