Elgato Eve Degree a Flawless Design with Functionality

Introduction to Elgato’s Eve Degree

Elgato Eve Degree is a welcome “Display” of smart home sensor excellence. The device is07d0232d-fb51-4120-b406-51a0a66b9510 a modified cross between the Eve Weather and Eve Room sensors, that have been out for quite some time but also incorporates a visual aspect that can give you data at a quick glance versus having to pull your phone out to get readings. Borrowing its design from the likes of the iPhone 4, the Eve Degree shines through a glass display while being wrapped in light weight aluminum. It really is quite beautiful! Data readings from the Elgato Eve Degree include temperature, humidity as well as air pressure just like the Elgato Eve Weather, but lacks the Air Quality readings that you get from the Eve Room Sensor.


Another simple set up brought to you by Elgato Eve. To set up the Eve Degree you simply IMG_4889-1push the button on the back of the unit one time. Then head over to the Elgato Eve application. From here you tab over to the settings menu in the bottom right corner of the screen and select to add a device. From here just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the set up within the application. Next, you need to find a place to put your new Elgato Eve Degree. This part is what sets the Eve Degree apart from the competition. You can choose either an indoor or outdoor location and with a screw or a nail mount the unit on any solid surface location.  There are benefits to using this product in either location so I just suggest you purchase a few of them and have them all over the place.


Once you have the Elgato Eve Degree set up and connected to your home. You can utilize both Apple’s Home application as well as Siri to obtain current humidity and temperature readings on demand. From within the Home application, you can navigate to the room in which you have located the Eve Degree and view that information, or you can simply ask Siri “what is the temperature in the baby room?”

Eve Application Data

IMG_4916Opening the Eve Degree sensor in the Elgato Eve application will give you access to all the historical data that the Eve Degree has collected. You can view each of these three sets of data, temperature, humidity and air pressure in a quick view. This viewing option will show you a 48-hour graph as well as the current conditions. By tapping the more information in the bottom right corner of each graph you can dig deeper into the data and create custom reports. These reports can be viewed on by hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly parameters. You can also toggle the compare option to be able to compare previous time periods with the current one. Further more you can view each and every time stamped data record by tapping the measurements label. Lastly, Elgato provides you the ability to smooth out your graphical line data for a more eye pleasing look.


Another great option that the Elgato Eve application offers is the ability to create robust rules and Automation’s using the data collected by the Eve Degree.  For instance, you may choose to have a de-humidifier cut on if the humidity level in your room reaches more than 55% helping to suppress an environment conducive to mold growth. Another example might be to have a light change color warning you if the nursery temperature becomes too cold. The Elgato Eve application provides the most complete automation options of any application I have seen on the market to date. You are only limited by your imagination for what you can create using the application’s rules and scenes.


As far as room sensors go the Eve Degree is especially top shelf when it comes to looks and functionality. Its small size makes it an easy fit in any installation and it is great to have a product that can be utilized both indoor and out. Having a display makes it useful in many ways. The only downside that I see at this point is that it falls short of environmental monitoring by leaving out the ability to track VOC levels. However, Elgato already produces a product that does just that and I can see what having a versatile product for interior and exterior use could be beneficial. Reading VOC levels outside would certainly be an unnecessary feature. That being said this is a truly solid product for tracking comfort both inside the home and out. Another two thumbs up for an Elgato Eve product with the Eve Degree. I really can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.



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