Elgato Eve Introduces Five New HomeKit Products

Five new HomeKit products have been announced by Elgato to add to their HomeKit line-up. The Devices include and updated radiator valve called Eve Thermo, a smoke detector called Eve Smoke, a window security solution named Eve Window Guard, a new  lock aptly named Eve Lock, and lastly an exterior water valve to control your hose they are calling Eve Aqua.

Elgato already has a slew of other HomeKit compatible devices available and with the release of these new products they expand their coverage of the smart-home market. With Eve Lock and Eve Window Guard and Smoke they expand into Security Markets, while with Eve Aqua they pioneer a long sought after control of above ground irrigation systems.

Elgato will be releasing more information and presenting the devices next week at IFA Berlin 2017. Stay tune for more information as it becomes available. You can check out the press release information by clicking here.


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