Elgato Eve is Pushing My Buttons, In A Smart Way!

Elgato, maker of the Eve smart home product line had some interesting news today as CES 2018 kicks off.  The company announced a new device to their already expansive collection of smart home products.  The newest product is called the Eve Button, and in keeping with the company strategy is a sleek, small, but elegantly designed product.


The Eve Button will be able to be programmed to control various smart home products around the house.  Though not a new idea as various companies have similar products, the Eve button will be able to have three separate actions that the user will set up with in Solution_Eve-Button_EN_1600_0the Elgato Eve application or the Apple HomeKit application.  Once set up the users will be able to tap once for one action, two times for a different action, and finally press and hold for a third action to take place.  Real world examples of this might be, tap once to have your Garage door open, to toggle the garage lights on/off, and tap and hold to close the garage.

The device is currently available for pre order on amazon for $49.95 including free shipping and you can access the pre order page by clicking the following link Elgato Eve Button Pre-order.  To learn more about the product head on over to and read all about it.



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