Elgato Has Officially Introduced the “Eve Degree”

Today Elgato, an electronic device maker and the creator of the Apple HomeKit Enabled product line “Eve” has announce yet another HomeKit Enabled Device. The company will call it the “Eve Degree”

The product essentially is a copy of the companies current room sensor with a few changes. First, the product incorporates a local display that can show both humidity as well as temperatures with out the need to open up an application on a phone, iPad, or ask Siri. Similar to the Eve Room and Eve Weather pairing the new “Eve Degree” to your iPad, or iPhone will allow you to gain historical information about your environment. Another difference from the Eve Room sensor will be the loss of ability to track VOC’s which makes since because of the third and most significant change which is that the Eve Degree can be used outside making tracking VOC’s pretty much useless anyways.


The product looks beautiful and elegant as can be expected from the number of Elgato Eve products on the market.  Constructed of anodized aluminum and what appears to be glass it seems to have borrowed its design from the popular in its time iPhone 4 and 4S.  The device will be wire free which is always a plus and will be powered by a replaceable CR2450 battery that the company says will last about a year. It connects to apple devices through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to help with its efficiency.  As with all the Eve devices controlling while away is only possible if your HomeKit is connected through an Apple TV running IOS 10 or later or and iPad and set up to act as a Hub.


Though the release of the product seems redundant the price of the Eve Degree is said to be around $69.95 (updated from rumor post)  US making it an interesting addition on the heals of Apples WWDC 2017. Apple could release next week new HomeKit abilities to help utilize such sensors more effectively. With Elgato focusing on interconnectability to be able to turn  pair the product to such items as Ecobee to aid in comfortable living spaces or perhaps turn on a humidifier should the air become too dry.  Or perhaps with an updated HomeKit from Apple be able to perform multiple tasks with a multitude of parameters.

Check it out and more of the Eve line here.



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