Fibaro Flood Sensor with HomeKit

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Whether you own a house or rent one it makes no difference. No one wants to come home and find that their home has been flooded.  Thats why this tiny smart product is worth its weight in gold. Actually thats a bad analogy because it’s tiny and doesn’t weight very much, but you get the idea.

Fibaro Flood Sensor
is a tiny water bead shaped product. Not much bigger than a hockey puck and it packs a powerful and important feature list to help protect your home. It’s easy to set up and has a very simplistic installation process.  Just set it and forget it.


The Fibaro Flood Sensor with HomeKit comes in a beautiful well thought out package. You get the sense that the company really pays close attention to detail while opening the product. Rich beautiful graphics on the outer most box show exactly what the product does, while giving a bit of detail of other products in the line. Once slid out of the initial box the interior box isminimalistic in design reminds you that mass “Smart-Home” adoption has only just begun and is limited only by our own imaginations. Once you pull the cover off the box a nice leaflet thanks you for choosing Fibaro, and kind of makes you feel like Family. The contents in the box are simply a set up document, warranty information, other product flyer, and the devices itself.


Set Up

Once pulled out of the box there are some instructions as to how to set it up. Let me save you the time.

  • Twist the top and bottom halves of the unit until the top pops off.
  • Inside you will notice a small tab that sits between the battery and its connectors. Pull that tab out (Don’t worry if the battery pops out Just put it back in).
  • If you don’t already have the Fibaro for HomeKit application download that in the app store.
  • Once installed on your iOS device register an account with Fibaro and follow the guide to add the device.
  • If you already have the application all you need to do is open the app and tap the Plus button in the upper right had corner. A quick warning will pop up to make sure you have the powered up and running.
  • Clicking ok will locate the device. Tap the device and follow the on screen directions to pair the device.


Installation! What installation? Just find a spot in your home that you worry about water leaks occurring and put the sensor on the ground.  When you look over the device you will notice tiny conductive metal pins on the flat side.  Make sure those are facing down and thats all you need to do.


The product itself boast more than just a flood sensor. Baked into it’s little shell is a temperature sensor, tamper sensor, built in audible alarm, as well as the flood sensor itself. The flood sensor uses elevated gold plated prongs which helps the sensor work even on uneven surfaces.

Practical Applications

The most useful places to use this product are listed below. However, anywhere that causes you concern for water intrusion would work fine.

  • Near a Hot Water Heater
  • In your Laundry Room
  • In a Basement or Crawlspace
  • In an Attic
  • Next to an Airhandler
  • In any Bathroom
  • Under a Sink
  • In a Kitchen


Testing the products responsiveness yield expected results.  Audible alarm and a notification to your phone.  What else can you ask for? You can be protected against major loss caused by water for only $69.99 on amazon. That makes this product well worth the money.  I am excited to see what improved integrations and products Fibaro introduces in the future. I myself have installed this unit in my laundry room because washing machine leaks are one of the most common insurance claims made against insurance companies. Common sense told me that would be a great first place to install this product.




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