Fibaro Updates its HomeKit Application

Fibaro has just updated its HomeKit application adding increased tuning options for their HomeKit enabled products.

Fibaro Motion

Motion Sensitivity

With the update, the Fibaro Motion sensitivity can now be adjusted to High, Medium, or Low.


Tamper Sensitivity

Tamper Settings for the unit can also be adjusted to High, Medium, or Low, as well as an option to toggle On/Off LED tamper indications.


Customized Indicator Lights

The update also allows for adjustments to be made to the visual indication separate from tamper indications. The Lights can be toggled on/off entirely or can be set to coordinate with temperature. Another available option is a “flashlight” mode providing brighter white light to act as a sort of nightlight. Finally, you can simply set a color for your indicator light to be.


Detection Sustain Time

Last, and perhaps the most important adjustment comes in the form of Detection sustain time. With the previous build of the application having lights be triggered by the motion detection was easy. However, having them turn off based on the motion was a rough experience. By setting a higher sustain time value you can avoid the lights being trigger off when no motion is detected for a while. This allows you to not be sitting in the dark working on your computer.


Flood Sensor

Tamper Adjustments

Which before the update worked flawlessly also gets the tamper setting adjustment options.


Window and Door Sensor

LED Indication

Gets two new adjustments. The first is the ability to turn off the LED indicator lights.


Reversed Device Logic

The next allows for reversed device logic. Simply put this option reverses the device status. Open can be reversed to close, while closed will be reversed to open.



The update certainly makes iOS 11 HomeKit experience for these products a much more enjoyable experience. Head on over to for more information about the Fibaro line of HomeKit compatible products.


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