Gaps In The System

The smarthome industry has grown by leaps and bounds since I started on the journey not to incredibly long ago. Product categories, types, and competition among some of the top companies in the industry as well as small Mom and Pop shops that blew up over night, have been increasing in a near neck shattering pace. So what are we missing as it sits today?

As an avid Homekit user myself, I have come to understand that great things take time. This is especially the case when it comes to Apple’s HomeKit platform as the requirements include strict rules in for the manufacturing of devices that will be allowed to play in the HomeKit arena. Apple does this for one reason, and that is to protect the integrity of their smart-home platform and thus protecting us as consumers. This is one of the reasons I have chosen to use HomeKit as my primary system for my personal use. Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe that any system is infallible to online attacks, but I do want to give myself a fighting chance. This is all a discussion for another time though. 

There are a few device categories that I am completely blown away, have not need release yet. 

Homekit Smart Fireplace control

Hello? Is anyone out there. I can water my lawn with my voice. I can have the lights come on when I arrive home. I can even change the temperature of my thermostat setting from my phone, but I can’t adjust or turn on/off my fireplace with any of these options. I have been looking for a work around for this for quite some time and right now there is just no practical option. 

HomeKit viriable Speed Control/Light Switch

There are numerous smart switches and dimmers on the market today.  I know I have tested most of them that work with HomeKit. I know there are options for HomeKit ceiling fans out there, but who wants to pay $400 + for a new one when the ones we have in our home are perfectly fine. Hunter makes a module that works with some of there fans and already feels like out dated tech. So why, WHY? Have companies like Lutron or Leviton made this happen yet? Too be honest for these big guys it’s probably too late. I’m sure a smaller company is just around the corner from putting one on the market. 

I for one am ready for these gaps to be filled. Lutron, Leviton, elgato, IDevices, somebody please take my money! I’m begging you. 

What other devices do you wish we had on the market now?  Comment here or drop me a line at 


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