HomeKit Meet Circle 2

The support for HomeKit security cameras has been a lacking attribute for Apple’s smart-home platform. While the platforms accessory list has been growing at a steady pace as of late, only one real security camera has been available. Many companies have announced HomeKit support such as Ring, Netatemo, Kidde, and Logitech but few to date have delivered on that promise. Today, however, Logitech will be updating it’s recently released Circle 2 to support HomeKit integration for all of its wired set up versions.


The Circle 2 was announced by Logitech back in July which we covered here. The product boasts unprecedented customizability by incorporating a variety of different mounting and powering options making it one of the most versatile security cameras on the market. The camera also headlines the market segment with features that include high resolution, ultra wide angle viewing, and advanced motion detecting.

HomeKit Support

HomeKit support will only be available to the wired options of the camera and this is due to HomeKit regulations for accessories. HomeKit requires an always on product system at this point. No word for Logitech or Apple as of yet on if there will be changes to this in the future so that the battery operated cameras can play with HomeKit. Existing users can upgrade their cameras today by clicking here and following the instructions provided. It is worth noting a number of the special features relating to the Circle 2 product are only available with a premium subscription to Logitechs Circle Safe clocking in at $99.00 yearly. You can read more information about that by visiting the circle safe site here.


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