How to use Philips Hue Motion with Other HomeKit Accessories

shhhh…this is a secret way to get Philips Hue Motion Sensors to work with the rest of your home-kit accessories.

Step 1 – Install and set up your Philips Hue Motion Sensor in the room you want to control.IMG_1199

Step 2 – Open Apple devices Home application.


Step 3 -Tap the automation button in the bottom right menu


Step 4 – Tap create new Automation


Step 5 – Tap “An Accessory is Controlled”


Step 6 – select a Philips Hue accessory that is controlled by your Philips Hue Motion Sensor.  Then Click “Next”


Step 7 – Select if you want the other devices controlled when the primary device turns on or off.  (if you want to mimic the Primary device you will need to set up another automation for the inverse operation.) Then click “Next”


Step 8 – Select all the devices that you would like controlled by the primary device.


Step 9 – Adjust each device the way that you want it to turn on.  Examples are adjusting color, dimness, or just on or off) Long press on each accessory to open up more controls.




Step 10 – Select if you want this to only be controlled after sunset or all the time then click done.


Your all set now your Lutron Caseta switches can be automated with your Philips Hue Motion Sensor. NOTE*** If you have your primary accessory turn off with motion as well, you will need to set up another automation controlled by the primary to have the same lights turn off when it turns off. Also this works best when you already have a combination of Philips Hue and other accessories in the same room.


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