Installing the Friday Lock

Step 1 – You should first download the Friday Lock application from your preferred app store.



Step 2 – Once downloaded you will see this screen that will help walk you through your installation if you tap the words “Set up lock”




Step 3 – Tap Installation Instructions at the bottom of the next screen



Step 4 – Select what type of lock you have (US deadbolt, or Scandinavian Deadbolt)



Step 5 – Select the brand lock you have (for this example I am installing to an existing Schlage Lock)


Step 6  – uninstall the old thumb turn on the inside of your lock.




Step 7 – You will need to measure the length of the “Tailpiece” (the bar running from the front of your lock to the back that turns to unlock/lock your deadbolt) You can do this with a measuring guide in your set-up instructions provided with your lock.



 ***NOTE***  If your “Tailpiece” is too long you will need to either cut it with a hacksaw (I did not because I didn’t want to ruin the lock if I did not like the Friday Lock) or you can simply use the provided extension provided within the packaging for your Friday Lock.


Step 9 – rotate the lock until you find the color coordinated tabs which will display your correct hole pattern. ***Note*** their are many different locks sometimes even though Friday Labs have provided the most likely scenario you may find, like me, that another hole pattern works better for your specific lock.  Don’t worry if the hole pattern doesn’t line up exactly just try a few other options.




Step 10 – Attach the Friday Lock with your existing lock screws making sure to tighten the screws all the way in as to not obstruct the Friday Lock from turning.



Step 11 – Insert the appropriate “Tailpiece” adaptor provided with your Friday Lock. ***Note*** it is normal for this to just slide on. It does not need to be snapped into place or screwed on but you will have to rotate the adaptor to line up with your tailpiece.



Step 12 – Insert the battery



Step 13 – go here and follow the step by step guide to seeing up your Friday Lock


Thats it, you are now ready to set up your new Friday Smart Lock!


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