After you have added an accessory into your homekit, you may want to organize these accessories into rooms.  This allows you to control all the accessories at once in one room via siri or by viewing a room in the Apple Home app.

Open the Apple Home app.

Step 1 – Located the accessory that you want to include in a room.  Press and hold that accessory.


Step 2 – You will see a large control for that specific accessory. Tap the Details button at the bottom of the screen.fullsizeoutput_1c38

Step 3 – Tap the location bar.


Step 4 – Select the room that you would like to place the accessory in or tap “Create New” to make a new room.


Step 5 – Tap done in the top right corner of your screen.


Step 6 – While on the room tab (The middle selection at the bottom of your screen) you can swipe left or right to access your accessories by room.  Find the room that you placed the accessory in and verify that your change occurred.fullsizeoutput_1c35

See above.  Now you can control all the accessories by using siri or by the room location within your Apple Home app.  Have fun organizing!