How-To Create a New Scene for LIFX Lights

With LIFX you can create custom scenes using your LIFX lighting Solutions. Once you have used the LIFX application to control your lights, you may want to save the specific colors or brightness to easily recall them later. Perhaps for watching your favorite team in a sporting event on your TV. We are assuming at this step you have your lights set the way you want to. For a complete guide of how to control your LIFX lighting solutions, you can click here. Otherwise, Follow along here for a step by step guide on how to set up a simple scene.

Step 1 – Open your LIFX Application


Step 2 – Tap the + (Plus) button in the top right corner of the screen


Step 3 – Select “New Scene” from the pop-up menu toward the bottom of your screen


Step 4 – Tap the small clear button inside the text field. This will clear out the generic scene name and allow you to add a custom name.


Step 5 – Using the pop-up keyboard type in your desired scene name


Step 6 – Tap “Done”


Step 7 – Select each LIFX lighting product you want to be included in the scene


Step 8 – Select Save in the top right corner of your screen


That’s it. You know can locate your new scene on the main page in your LIFX application under the Scenes category. Have a blast making new scenes and adding color to your home!



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