How to Use Timers in Philips Hue

With Philips Hue lights you can set a timer to remind you when something is done. Below we will show you step by step how to utilize this helpful feature.

To Begin, navigate to your Philips Hue application and tap to open it up.

Step 1 – Tap the “Routines” tab toward the bottom of your screen


Step 2 – Select the “Timers” option


Step 3 – Tap the “+” button to add a new timer


Step 4 – Select the name field and enter a unique name for your timer


Step 5 – Spin the selectors to adjust the hours/minutes you want your timer to run


Step 6 – Select “Where” to bring up your room options


Step 7 – Select up to four rooms to have the lights blink


Step 8 – Select Each room one by one and repeat (Step 9) for each


Step 9 – Select the “Blink Lights” option


Step 10 – Tap “Save” in the top right corner of your screen


By Default the timer will run the first time once you click save. You can simply select stop if you wish to stop the timer. All timers will be saved for use later if you wish to recall them. To do this will will just need to navigate back to the timers screen, find the timer you wish to use, and click start. You can also see that there is a small status bar indicating where your timer is in the process of the countdown.

Thats if go have fun baking cookies!