“Laugh at your drunken comments made…”

“Laugh at your drunken comments made as you stumbled in your front door from your Uber after a night out with the boys. (You know, the twice-a-year night out you get to have now that the little one came along.) Your Ring Video Doorbell allows you this unexpected entertainment. It’s not why you bought it, but it is amusing.” 

Safety and Security are very important concerns I have for my family. That’s why I use the Ring Pro. Below is a quick review of features, a Q&A, and suggested uses for the Ring Pro and Ring Video Doorbell products. 

Quick Features

Ring Pro (200.00) On Sale at  Bestbuy

  • Live View
  • Cloud Recording (With subscription)
  • Hardwired (to existing doorbell)
  • Interchangeable faceplates
  • 1080p
  • Custom draw motion zones
  • Works with 2.4 and 5GHz
  • Night Vision
  • Two Way talk

Ring Video Doorbell (199.00) everywhere

  • Live View (only with hardwire)
  • Cloud Recording (with subscription)
  • Hardwire or Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • You are stuck with the faceplate color you buy.
  • 720P
  • Motion Zones are limited
  • Only works with 2.4GHz
  • Night Vision
  • Two Way Talk

Which one? (Go with the Pro Unless…)

I have used both.  When we decided to move last November I made the choice to sell our Ring Video Doorbell with our old house and upgrade our new house to the Ring Pro.  I love the Pro. The video is clearer, the hardware is  much more responsive, and with the custom motion zones we get far fewer false alerts. The only time I would get the Ring Video Doorbell vs. the Pro would be if you wanted to use the doorbell on a door that does not have hardwire availability. This is because the Ring Video Doorbell offers the option to use its built-in rechargeable battery. Examples for such situations are listed below.

  • A garage door
  • A back door
  • You are a renter
  • Your hardwire has stopped working
  • You are deathly afraid of wires
  • You like the look of two doorbells


Common questions my friends ask:

  • What if someone walks up to my door and doesn’t ring the doorbell?

They are busted Ring Products are motion sensitive and will alert you and start recording immediately.

  • What if someone steals my Ring Doorbell?

You are covered.  Stealing the doorbell does nothing.  If you see the doorbell its too late its recording and videos aren’t stored on the device itself.  Instead the device saves the recording in the cloud.  So you can thank the thief for getting up close so that you have a better and clearer image of their face.

Also, Ring will provide you a new device free of charge in the event someone walks away with yours.

  • Yeah, but how much does it cost me after I buy?

Great question.  Yes, it does pretty much require a subscription.  Included with out a subscription is the abilities to: streaming live, receive alerts and stream video and audio, but that does pretty much nothing for security if you need to have video evidence.  It is basically just a high tech intercom at this point.  This is my one and only complaint for the product.  I wish they offered just 24hr Cloud storage in their free plan but at this point going back even one second after you have closed the live stream means you have lost the video forever.

Their service plans are inexpensive though.  Basic is just $30.00 a year for one device or you can pay $100.00 a year for unlimited devices.  Here is a link to their plans.

  • Well that sounds good but my doorbell doesn’t really face the right direction.

Lucky for you Ring offers a number of install kits that will help you achieve the right angle to capture the area your are trying to view.  Here is a link to the install kits.

Other Suggested Uses:

  • Catch your teenager sneaking out
  • Catch your 16 year old coming home late
  • Watch the UPS guy throw the glass ware you ordered on amazon
  • Say “Hello” to your wife when you get home and she’s out of town
  • Propose to your significant other
  • See someone back into your car on accident
  • Watch someone ram your car on purpose.
  • Tell the magazine sales person to get lost from your couch
  • Teach your dog to ring the doorbell when they want in
  • Watch a Bumblebee fly around
  • Laugh at your drunken comments made as you stumbled in your front door from your Uber after a night out with the boys

If safety and security, convenience, and humor are of interest to you, Ring products are a great start toward creating your very own smart home.  I plan on getting my hands on a Ring Flood Light in the near future for a project that I want to do in my back yard.  When I do I will make sure to write another post and tell you guys all about it. Until then hop on over to and pick up one for yourself.



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