Logitech Announces New Smart Security Camera

Logitech has announced its new security camera, the Circle-2, to the world and it looks spectacular.  One product category that has no shortage of competitors is that of security cameras.  Companies like Nest, Netgear, and Ring, all offer wireless and wired options. This makes introducing features, compatibilities, and adaptabilities the easiest way for products to stand out.  This is certainly the strategy that Logitech has taken with this new security camera iteration.

Most Notable Features

-180 Degree ultra-wide angle will allow you to capture more area than most competitors on the market.

-Weather-proof design will allow you to install these inside or outside the home.

-The company says it has highly improved night vision that is very clear and visible for up to 15 feet.

-Viewable across many platforms and devices.

-Adjustable motion zones and alerts.  Alerts can let you know when a person is detected and what zone the alert was triggered from.

-Advanced filtering identifies and categorizes events that might be important or when activity is noticed.  This will allow you to not have to review hours of video footage to see what you are really looking for.

-2 way talk and listen allows you to speak through the camera and hear what is going on through the application.

-1080p resolution will offer crisp and clear video.

Most Notable Compatibilities

-Out of the box will work with iOS and Android Platforms as well as web browsers viewing support.

-Alexa is noted by the company as being able to control the Circle 2

-Logitech will also support HomeKit via a firmware upgrade in the near future

Most Notable Adaptabilities 

This is where the fun starts.  I appears that Logitech wanted to cover all its bases with its products.  Below is a list of accessories that can be used to adapt how and where you mount your camera.

– A window mount will allow you to mount your camera directly to a window pane looking out to capture video outside.


-A rechargeable battery mount will allow you to mount your camera wire free and will last up to 3 months on a single charge.


-A plug mount will allow you to install your Circle 2 camera in any available receptacle you have in your home.


-A weather-proof extension cord will allow you to mount your Circle 2 camera outside and further away from power while using a wired set-up.


The Circle 2 by Logitech is a really exciting new security camera.  It looks to appeal to the masses by incorporating some of the best features by its competitors all in one device. What makes it really interesting though is that you are not limited by only wired or wireless options as it offers both, and you are not limited by only one type of mount because it offers many.  This versatile product appears at this time to be the most universal security camera that will be on the market soon and I expect that if it lives up to the stated features this will help push the market forward. You can pre-order the product for $179.99 for the wired or $199.99 for the wireless versions.  Or you can check out more information at






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