New LIFX Bulbs + HomeKit!!!

LIFX has introduced a new line of smart bulbs that are sure to shake up the smart lighting industry. LIFX current offering includes the LIFX and LIFX + products which are cutting edge smart-bulbs which are responsible for driving the industry by offering high-level output as well as unique features and controls. LIFX bulbs do not require a hub or bridge to be connected instead, housing all of the needed components within the bulb housing itself.

Introducing LIFX MINI


LIFX Mini comes in three different variations. LIFX MINI, LIFX MINI Day and Dusk, and LIFX MINI White. The three new bulbs share a number of attributes which a listed below. Let’s get this out of the way right off the top though…All three versions will be Apple HomeKit compatible at launch. Now on to the details.

  • 800 lumens Output
  • 60 Watt Equivalent (9 Watt Actual Usage)
  •  60 x 60 x 105mm dimension
  • Wide 250 Degree Beam Angle
  • App and Cloud Control
  • Voice Control
  • Worldwide Availability

That is where the similarities leave off and each of the three variations begins to distinguish themselves.

LIFX MINI1_LIFX_PKG_and_bulb_MINI-2-draft_WBG.jpg

Offers a full spectrum of 16 million colors. These can be tuned to your desired brightness, hue, and saturation by use of the LIFX application. The LIFX Mini will also be able to take advantage of LIFX’s new Day & Dusk Feature that if enabled can automatically tune your lights to complement the time of day.

LIFX MINI Day & Dusk1_LIFX_PKG_and_bulb_MINI-day-dusk2-draft_WBG

Is a white bulb that offers tuneability. The MINI Day & Dusk can be adjusted from 1500-4000K giving you cool white lights to warm and rich tones. The bulb can be controlled via the LIFX application, Cloud, or with Apples HomeKit. LIFX MINI Day & Dusk is also included in the products that can be used with the LIFX Day & Dusk Feature

LIFX MINI White1_LIFX_PKG_and_bulb_MINI-day2-draft_WBG

Not to leave any gaps in the line-up LIFX’s last variation will be a non-tuneable white light. That will be able to through the application, cloud, or voice be powered on/off or dimmed. The color temperature will be stuck a very neutral 2700K which puts in right in the range of traditional incandescent bulbs. LIFX MINI White will not be able to be used with LIFX New Day & Dusk Feature but the product will be a nice cost effective option for lamps and lights that you may not need all that control for.



You can pre-order these new bulbs at starting Friday, September 22, 2017, with the bulbs shipping later this year. The LIFX MINI (Full Color) will set you back $44.99 each, making it the most affordable full-color HomeKit compatible smart-bulb on the market. The LIFX MINI Day & Dusk bulb clocks in at $29.99 while the LIFX MINI White will sell for $24.99. You can still pick up the LIFX A19 and LIFX + as the company plans to keep the two flagship products offering industry-leading 1100 lumens and unique options such as infrared lighting and built-in animations and controls.



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