Elgato Eve Introduces Five New HomeKit Products

Five new HomeKit products have been announced by Elgato to add to their HomeKit line-up. The Devices include and updated radiator valve called Eve Thermo, a smoke detector called Eve Smoke, a window security solution named Eve Window Guard, a new ┬álock aptly named Eve Lock, and lastly an exterior water valve to control your... Continue Reading →

Getting a “Sense” of Your Home Energy Usage

As our homes become smarter and become extensions of our reflexes and reactions. One thing is missing, usable data reported to the consumer directly. Smart home products are becoming much more appealing to the average homeowner with the notion of controlling your lights with your voice, your phone, or even making an in application schedule.... Continue Reading →

Chamberlain Finally Honors a Commitment

Albeit late, today Chamberlain has released an iOS update that gives its product line of MyQ operated garage doors HomeKit Support. If you look back Chamberlain, which started delivering MyQ products with the promise of adding HomeKit support in the "near future" via a firmware upgrade, ran into serious problems putting the cart before the... Continue Reading →

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