Philips Hue for a Childs Time Out Timer!

Here is a great new idea. With the recently updated timer function, the Philips Hue iOS application can let you set a timer to blink the lights. Seeing as I already have Philips Hue light-strips and bulbs in our playroom, it would make a great two minute time-out timer for our child. In the unlikely event that my son needs to go to time-out (every 10 minutes or so) I can preset a 2 minute timer and explain to him he must sit in time-out until the lights blink. This helps take all the guess work out!

Click here for a link explaining step by step how to set up a timer in Philips Hue application for iOS

Incorporating smart home technologies into our lives as parents has been incredibly useful. I can’t wait to see what other ways we find to use these accessories to our benefit. Drop me a line if you have any other great ideas or uses.



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