Ring Doorbell Elite Released Today

Ring, the company responsible to Ring Video Doorbell, has announced another iteration of its quality Video Doorbell Product. The product is called Ring Doorbell Elite and boast many of the same features as the pro with one major difference.  The Elite will need to be connected via ethernet cable.  The ethernet cable installation method allows for a more consistent feed but also acts to power the unit itself.

Installation of the product will need to be performed by a professional unless you already have ethernet running to your front door.

Specs List

  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz or 5.0 Ghz
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Tracking
  • Live View
  • 160 Degree Horizontal and 90 degree Vertical FOV
  • 2 way Talk

Everything appears to be similar to the Pro Specs but should be much more reliable over Ethernet.

I will update this article should I receive any more interesting information.


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