Ring Spotlight Camera Available​

Ring, Maker of smart home security cameras and doorbell solutions, has introduced yet another product to their line up today. The Spotlight camera which will come in three separate options is a perfect fit between the old stick up cameras and the new flood light cameras. The Spotlight cameras add fully customizable motion zones and will incorporate a theft blinding motion controlled light directly into the housing of the unit.

The new product will have the following feature list.

  • -2 way audio
  • 1080p resolution
  • night vision
  • live view
  • customizable motion zones
  • built in 110 db siren
  • 140 degree FOV

For the time being, you can purchase the Spotlight camera directly from their website but only in the plug in option. I have contacted Ring about how much light output the product gives if it will be Homekit compatible, and when the other options will be available and will update this article when I get the information back. Until then go on over to and check out this great looking product.


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