Ring Video Doorbell 2

***Update to the update***

I received word today from Ring that the company is working toward bringing HomeKit compatibility to the FloodLight and Ring Pro only. At this time Ring does not have plans to bring HomeKit support to Ring Video Doorbell 2.  They also confirmed that “Live View” will work on the V2 with either hardwire or battery installation.  Lastly I was told the company has no plan to scrap the V1 but have reduced the price for the original to $179.00 permanently.


It’s all coming around.  Smart device makers are starting to produce next generation models of their great products and Ring is no different.  Today Ring announced the Ring Video Doorbell 2 with improvements to design/functionality and upgrades under the hood.  The most notable change from its original version is the adaptation to a removable and rechargeable battery.  In the previous version you would have to remove the entire device and take it inside to recharge before putting it back up.  Now with the purchase of a second battery you will never have downtime while recharging.  Just put out the depleted battery and pop in a fully charged one and your back up and running.


Additional changes are as follow:

  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • 1080p Resolution (boosted from 720p)
  • Live View (Appears to not require hardwire)
  • 160 Degree field of view (Down from 180 degrees)
  • Slightly Larger Design (Perhaps to accommodate the battery)
  • Limited to only 2 color choices at this point (but you get both covers)

It appears that the old version will still be available for now at a price of $179.00 with the new version being $199.00.  The new version comes with both Brushed Nickel and Oiled Bronze faceplate as stated above as well as one battery.  Additional batteries can be purchased at $29.00 but it looks like if you purchase a battery at the same time as the device you receive a discounted price of $20.00.

I have requested the following information and will update as soon as Ring gets back to me.

Will Ring Video Doorbell 2 be HomeKit compatible?

Will they continue to sell the original version after stock runs out?

Does live view work for wired and battery installation?

As always follow and check back for more smart-home new and updates.



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