Schlage Makes Two Really Smart Locks

Why is this smart-home product so great? To me the answer is easy.  It’s extremely versatile while its minimalistic look and feel blends into your homes existing hardware.

The Schlage Sense is the second Schlage smart home door lock I have owned.  The first being a Schlage Connect.  If you put both locks side by side you wouldn’t really see much of a difference.  They are both solid construction both offer keypad entry as well as a keyed option for those of you who might ask “what if the battery goes dead?” or “what if my internet does down?”  They also both come in different color variations to match your existing hardware.

The only real difference is the platforms with which they work.  Schlage Connect integrates with many third party smart home platforms that utilize Z-Wave smart home technology such as a Wink Hub or a Smarthings Hub, while the Schlage Sense integrates with Apple’s HomeKit platform. The Connect does not have a stand alone application so to be able to control it and change settings you will need to have a Z-Wave Hub before you install it to utilize all of its smart capabilities. The Schlage Sense, on the other hand, does have its own stand alone application but is only available for Apple HomeKit.  You will need to have an iOS device to enjoy all of the smart features that it has to offer and additionally you will need to have a late model Apple TV or iPad to be able to control it remotely (When you are not home)

Now what both have to offer

  • The Locks offer a Key Pad entry option which you can enter and manage up to 30 unique codes to entry to your home.
  • The Locks offer Keyed access to your home.  Most local hardware companies can re-key either of these locks to match your existing locks at home. (Note*** have your locked rekeyed before you install it.  You will need to take the entire Lock and a Copy of the key you with to have it work with to your local hardware store)
  • The Locks offer the ability to unlock via voice or application.  The Sense through use of Siri/Apple HomeKit and the Connect through a third party Z-Wave Hub and Amazon Alexa.
  • Both can be set to “Auto Lock Delay” after a certain period of time.  I touched on this feature in another post I wrote here but there are many benefits to this feature.  Never forgetting to lock your door again is probably the most useful.
  • You can check the status of both locks via the applications that you control them through.
  • You can set reminders to delete temporary codes you might set up for a cleaning service or contractor doing work on your home.
  • Both offer audible alarms for security.  You can set them to beep once the door is opened/closed, or you can have a forced entry alarm that will sound when the lock senses excessive pressure against the door.
  • You have the option of setting 1 touch lock so that when you leave the house a simple tap on the screen will lock the door.
  • Both offer history reports that can let you view when the locks was opened/closed and by whom.  As well as when Time Delay was activated or when the lock was locked by thumb turn.
  • Both Require 4 AA batteries to operated.  I only had to replace the batteries one time in my first lock and so far I have not replaced the current lock which has been going strong for 6 months. (I got some rechargeable batteries so that when its time I’ll just swap them out and charge the old ones again)
  • Installation on both was as simple as installing any other deadbolt lock and connecting a  wire as well as installing the batteries.

Both of these locks offer great peace of mind as well as very convenient access options and controls.  They are both elegant, stylish and easy to install yourself. If your thinking about starting a journey to a smart-home life I highly recommend both of the Schlage smart locks as a first step. Once you build your smart home accessories list they pair well with products like Lutron Caseta or Philips Hue which can automate your Foyer Light to turn on when you unlock the door at night or any numbers of things you might want to have happen when entering or exiting your home. You can read more about the Schlage smart-lock product line or find a retailer near you at



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