So Much HomeKit News This Week…

This week marks a big push for new HomeKit accessories. With Apple’s big announcement less than two weeks away, it appears many HomeKit device makers were holding out to make their new product announcements around the same time. Perhaps to ride on the Apple marketing wave or maybe everyone is just really jumping on board. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at all the HomeKit accessory announcements this week.

Philips Hue

Philips announced that three products they currently offer that has been locked to only work with the Hue line of products will be opened up to work with other HomeKit compatible accessories. The three products are listed and described below.

Hue Motion – A very small motion detecting sensor that is battery operated and can be Philips-Hue-motion-sensor-product-shot-2used to trigger lights when motion is detected. The device includes an ambient light sensor that can be adjusted to only turn on lights if the room lighting is currently dim.

Hue Tap – A three button remote of sorts that can be programmed to control three Philips-hue-tap-LC_RC_AS_03different scenes. Once assigned each button will perform a different set of
preset tasks to create a scene that the user sets up.

Hue Dimmer – A four button remote switch that attaches to a wall and can be 5e363797-ea70-4494-98a6-60662aea61e7_1000
used as a remote or switch to dim or power on/off linked lights


Elgato added five new HomeKit products this week and I touched on them earlier. A brief description of each is below.

Eve Thermo – Connects to radiator heat to control the temperature

Eve_Lock_Device_01Eve Lock – Will be another smart lock added to the market. The lock is being developed in conjunction with Yale who already has a number of smart locks on the market.

Eve Smoke
– Is a smart sensor that can detect the presence of smoke and alert the homeowner. It will also be able to control other HomeKit enabled devices in the home.

Eve_Window_Guard_Lifestyle_01Eve Window Gaurd
– Is a security sensor that can let the homeowner know if a window has been opened or tilted and at what state it currently is in.

NA_Eve_Aqua_Lifestyle_01.0.jpgEve Aqua – Is a device that will be able to control the flow of water through and outside hose bib. Allowing you to schedule out above ground irrigation controls.


Fibaro appears to be updating its HomeKit line-up by adding a HomeKit version of their smart Button as well as their Single Switch product.

single-switch.jpgSingle Switch – is a product that connects to existing switches or outlets, behind the wall, and allows them to be controlled.

Button – Is a smart button that can be programmed to enable scenes and accessories by pressing it. The device can be set up to provide different packshot
controls based on the number of presses and comes in a variety of colors.

At this time the Single Switch does not appear to be offered in the US while the Button does. I have reached out to a contact for more information and will update you as I receive it.


Netatemo announced that two products that are currently in their line up will gain HomeKit support later this year. The two products will be listed and described below.

presence.jpgPresence – An outdoor security camera that has the ability to detect people, cars or animals. The device can use infrared lighting to see at night but also sports a bright flood light. Notifications and light control can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

welcome.jpgWelcome – Similarly, Welcome is a security camera but for indoors. This camera also has intelligent detection which can be used to recognize faces. It can alert you when your children get home, but can also alert you if it doesn’t recognize a face. Allowing you to catch an intruder. As an added benefit the welcome can be set to ignore familiar faces allowing you to protect your loved ones by excluding their notifications and video recordings.






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