This Unexpected Smart Home Product Can Help You Sell Your House

The Ring Video Doorbell is great for many things, from security to notifications and even entertainment. But real-estate agents and sellers alike have accidentally stumbled upon another great use for the Ring Video Doorbell and its assortment of video surveillance products. They can provide nearly immediate feedback.

The Ring can provide home sellers instant alerts when agents and their prospective buyers are out in front of their home to take a tour, and the audio and video provided gives a glimpse into the impressions of those perspective buyers and agents.

“I find it very interesting,” says Chris Raimo ,a local real estate agent with the Explore Realty Group of Joyner Fine Properties in Richmond, Virginia. “Sometimes getting feedback from other agents is difficult, especially if their clients are not interested for one reason or another. That’s the feedback that’s most helpful, though. It allows us to change our marketing approach or make suggestions to the seller that may speed up the sales process.  It also provides great peace of mind for both myself and my clients.  It’s always nice to be able to see who is coming and going and how long they are in the house for.”

Feedback isn’t the only benefit of installing the Ring products in your home before you list it.  As reported in the Washington Post, a survey in 2016 performed by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, indicated that sixty-five percent of those surveyed would be willing to pay more for a home with smart home technology already in place. Furthermore, in a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker of more than 500 sales associates, thirty-three percent responded that homes with smart technology were selling faster than those without.

I personally was able to benefit from this. We put our house on the market back in December of last year, a notoriously slow month for real estate sales. With our Ring Video Doorbell, we were able to know when realtors showed our home. The video allowed us to hear and see little bits of information pertaining to initial impressions as they walked up to front door.  Even better, while the agents and prospective buyers were leaving, we were able to hear helpful information about features they like and features they didn’t like, and even information about other homes they were comparing our home to.

With the Ring Video Doorbell installed, sellers can share individual videos with their agents that can together provide information that may be helpful in making adjustments to the listing or help your agent overcome objections that the selling agent may not want to share with the seller in fear of hurting the seller’s feelings.


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