Watch as This Old Guest-room Gets Converted Into a Smart Nursery

As my wife and I start to prepare for our next life changing event (a new baby), I will be documenting our guest-room makeover into a nursery.  We are in such the beginning stages that I don’t have details on what products we will be using, colors, etc.  Feel free to comment any suggestions you have for us along the way.  This will most likely cross over between smart home products to design and even some carpentry mixed in along the way.  Below I will list the sort of products that I am going to be including.

Baby Monitor – Arlo Baby, Nest Camera, Logitech Circle2?

Smart Sensor – Eve Room, Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, Fibaro Motion

Smart Lights – Philips Hue, Lutron Caseta, Eve Switch

For design, I plan on doing some wall trim or molding, paint, and shelves etc. I would love some suggestions on the following.

Overall Themes?

Paint Colors?




I am of the thought that the more input we get the better our final results will be.  Along the way I will be posting updates, photos, reviews of products etc.  Lets have some fun with this and thank you all in advance for your help.




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