With Father’s Day Around the Corner These 3 Smart Gifts Will Surely be a Hit!

Give the Gift of a Lifx-time

Hue Behind TV Edited

Lifx makes a great and powerful smart lightbulb for your home.  Dad will surely enjoy playing with color. Especially when the game is on the line and simply changing the color behind the TV can be the difference between winning a championship and dad being depressed for the next month.  Lifx offers FloodLight bulbs (BR-30) as well as standard lightbulbs (E26) that can be set to 16 million different vibrant colors and 1000 different shades of white. They also make a light strip called Lifx Z that can be placed under cabinets, behind a television and pretty much any where dad can be creative enough to think of. Check out their products at starting at $47.99 or you can pick one up at your local Bestbuy location starting at $45.99.

Your Dad Thinks He is a Grilling Machine


Originally made by iDevices, Weber has purchased the iGrill devices and its easy to see why.  As much as us dads want to consider grilling an art form its really all about temperature.  With iGrill dad can throw in a probe and turn on the device which pairs directly to his phone and presto when the meat is at the correct temperature his phone will alert him that its time for dinner.  Weber makes three different devices starting as low as 49.99. You can check them out at But can also pick them up at your local Home Depot. With this smart cooking device dad can focus on more important things…like drinking beer.

Help your Dad Keep an Eye on What Matters the Most to Him (You)


Keeping your family safe is dads main concern.  With Ring Video Doorbell he can do it even when he is not home.  Ring makes a variety of security cameras that come in the form of wireless stick-up cameras, wireless and wired doorbells, and wired flood-light cameras.  The devices can be set up to alert to motion or tap in with live view.  Check out which product might be right for your dad at starting at $179.99 or you can pick them up at both your local Bestbuy or Homedepot starting at $149.99.




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