In a world where tech is moving faster and faster and everyone keeps talking about this “Smart Home” and “Connected Home” revolution.  Its hard to make since of what really if any of these products you should adapt to your current lifestyle.  Are these products needed?  Are these products a luxury? What benefit will these products add to my life?

I can tell you from personal experiences that some of these products will save you much more than money.  Some of these products will protect your family and some of these products will provide a level of comfort that we are only now able to realize.

I’m a just an average father of one (with another on the way), a dog, two cats and an amazing wife.  I can tell you that if I have been able to convince her of the benefits of upgrading our house I can convince anyone.  Stay tuned as I give first hand advice and reviews of products that I have used or products that I am still using.  Lets figure this stuff out together.


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