How to Set-Up your Friday Lock

You will first need to install your Friday Lock and insert the battery. The Friday Lock comes with a rechargeable battery that in my case already had the battery installed. However, to install the lock you will need to remove the battery thus requiring you in re-install it after installation is complete.

Step 1 – Register an account from within the Friday Applicaion.



Step 2 – From within the application tap “Request Code”


Step 3 – Type in the phone number you want your unique code to be sent


Step 4 – After receiving the code via text message enter back into the Friday application and tap “Enter Code”


Step 5 – Input the code sent to you via text message. (once inputted correctly the app will proceed to the next set)


Step 6 – If using HomeKit select My Home, or create new home to set up a new home.


Step 7 – For HomeKit you will need to next scan the HomeKit code affixed to the product packaging.


Step 8 – Input the Name, Room, and toggle if you want to lock to be added to your favorites.


Step 9 – Wait while the Friday Lock application completes the set-up


Step 10 – Calibrate the lock. To start this simple close and lock you Friday Lock manually


Step 11 – Continue Calibrating the lock by unlocking and opening the door manually


Step 12 – Attach the lock shell to the lock housing by aligning the tabs and pressing the shell firmly into the housing


Thats it you are done! You should now be able to control your lock via Siri, Apple’s Home application, or from within the Friday Lock application.





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