How to Select a Theme for Lifx

Step 1 – Open your Lifx App. From the My Home Screen tap the name of the Lights you want to incorporate a theme. (In this example we will do all lights)


Step 2 – Along the bottom menu locate and select the theme option.


Step 3 – Review the “Theme” options


Step 4 – Select your desired “Theme” (For this example we have selected peaceful) You can continue to tap the selected scene which will gently adjust to colors while staying within a certain color palette. If you are not happy with the colors simply tap on another them to view that. Continue until you find a them that you are happy with.


Step 5 – You may have noticed along the top are options for solid colors. By tapping these you will adjust the lights/groups you have selected to be uniform to that color.


That’s it! Now you can adjust you lights to a “Theme”.



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