Smart Nursery Nearing Completion

It has been quite a while since I have updated the smart nursery blog so here we go! I have put together all of the nursery furniture which consisted of two pieces. First was the crib by Babyletto Hudson collections.

Crib and Room Shot.jpg

Next, I put together the matching six drawer dresser. You might spot the LIFX Z under the dresser in the photo that I used for a write up on the LIFX Z product. You can catch that review here if you are interested.

Dresser:Changing Table Shot.jpg

Then with a quick chop of my saw, I built these two shelves and painted them to match the crib and dresser.

Book Shelves Shot.jpg

Then I installed the really high tech mirror by Mango Mirror. You can check out my total review of the mirror here and it is really some great stuff. Mango Mirror has a built in display that can provide you information at a glance. You can completely customize the data displayed and the length of time the information is displayed. We love this for weather reports and little notes that we can put on the screen. As well as calendars and reminders.

Mango Mirror Shot

Then we picked up this lamp at a Homegoods for a great deal. So I thought, whats a lamp with out a little playful accent light. I added in a LIFX bulb and voila instant color. You can read more about LIFX bulbs and how they work here. If you look closely you might see a hint at what product comes next.

Lamp:Lifx shot 2.jpg

If you guessed Lutron Caséta for the next smart product installed you would be correct. I also picked up this sweet lamp from our local Lowes. You can read more about the Lutron Caséta products here but what I love about this in a nursery the most, is that you can get this tiny remote to put next to your rocker so you can dim the lights without getting up and waking the baby.

Lutron Caséta and Light Shot.jpg

Next, I wanted to install some floating shelves on the wall above the crib and on either side. To save a ton of time I decided just to purchase available shelves that can be picked up at the Home Depot. We added a bunch of baby swag decor and one high tech sensor by Elgato. The Elgato Eve Room monitors key enviornmental factors about the nursery. It can read VOC levels, humidity, and temperature. With this information, we will be able to make sure that baby is comfortable and it will provide us insight into the air quality in the room. You can read my full review of the Eve Room by clicking here.

Elegato Eve Room Shelves Shot.jpg

Another smart device that I thought fit perfectly into a nursery are smart blinds. I looked into a few different options before I landed on these which is literally named My Smart Blinds. The greatest feature of this product is that with their automation kit you can retrofit your existing faux wood blinds. The install requires no tools at all and can be done in as little as ten minutes. You can check out my full review here about the product, install, and operation. I can tell you though even though this product doesn’t integrate with other smart products at this time, I feel the scheduling and control features are refined to where you won’t really notice that. In fact, I forget that I even have them installed. They automatically open when they are supposed to and close when they should leaving me to worry about other things like how am I going to sleep when this baby comes.

My Smartblinds Promo.jpg

Lastly, the room needs a control trigger and after much thought, I selected the Fibaro Motion Sensor. The sensor offers much more abilities than just motion which include sensors for ambient light, temperature, as well as a tamper alert. In theory, as integrations improve and become more refined this little device could be used to close the blinds if too much light was coming in during nap time or turn the overhead light on but very dim when you come in to check on the baby at 2 am. It could also be used to turn on a fan if the room temperature becomes too hot. In general, it is a really great overall sensor to have in just about any room and will get even better with the release of iOS 11 this fall.

Fibaro Shot.jpg

We still have a few things to add such as a rug, baby monitor, some kind of decor that I am working on to hang on the wall over the crib, etc. I think we are almost done though. Let me know if you have any suggestions pertaining to smart home products, design, or just let me know if you like what you see. Below I’ll put a full gallery of what we have so far.



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