Smart Nursery – 2017 Part II

June 27th 2017

Well Step one is complete.  I cleared out all of the guest-room furniture.  We also got our crib today, but its still in the box.  I have a bit of finalizing to do on the design behind the crib witch will be on the back wall facing you as you walk in the room.  The room is a blank slate now (minus our recliner that we are repurposing from an existing room) ready to be designed, altered, painted, and filled with all kinds of gizmos and gadgets to help keep our new baby safe and comfortable.


This is the crib that we picked out and we love its minimalistic lines as well as the grey shade.  You can check it out at and it comes in a few different shades including some two tone.


We also got the matching 6 drawer dresser to function as both cloths storage as well as a changing table.


Smart-Home Things

So far I have only picked one smart-home gadget to include for sure in the nursery.  That device is going to be the Fibaro Motion Sensor with HomeKit.  At first this may sound a bit dull unless you know what features this little gadget packs.  First and foremost, it is a motion detector.  I love the idea of knowing that if baby makes any moves, or my two year old wakes up in the middle of the night to climb in the crib I can get an alert.  It’s just added peace of mind that our baby is safe.  Other features included in this product are what really peaked my interest. It has a built in temperature sensor, as well as an ambient light sensor.  Fibaro Motion AokThe temperature monitor will be a great addition to the room and can be utilized to automate a fan to come on if the room gets to hot.   With the ambient light sensor we could have the lights dimmed or brightend as natural sun light changes. We could also integrate smart blinds to open and close depending on what the ambient light sensor reads.  What makes the Fibaro Motion Sensor so perfect for this application is that it combines multiple sensors in one allowing us to leverage numerous triggers to help us keep our smart-nursery comfortable for baby as well as keeping us aware of motion detected in the room.


One thing I am still trying to finalize is the design for the feature wall behind the crib.  I am thinking about some kind of shaker style wall trim chair rail  with picture frame molding filled with shiplap. I’m going to do a layout later this week and maybe a mock-up drawing of what I’m thinking and will post it on here. Until then, let me know what you think. Any comments or suggestions about decorations or products would be greatly appreciated.




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