All Star Moms Use Smart Products at Home

A guide to smart home products for new Moms and Dads

Attention all new Moms and Dads!  Take a quick look at the smart products we found helpful when we had our first child. Along with one more we would like to try as we get geared up for round two.

Ring Video Doorbell (

Ring Video Doorbell 2

It never fails to happen. You are elbow-deep in changing a poopie diaper when your doorbell rings. Your child just starting rolling over, so the only thing you can do is carry an half-diapered baby to the front door. You endure all this only to find out it is a door-to-door salesperson. Embarrassed, both you and your unexpected visitor slowly back away from the awkward situation. That all goes away instantly when you purchase the Ring Video Doorbell and install it. With just a tap of your phone you can tell the magazine sales person to get lost. As an added benefit, with the Ring Pro you can turn off your audible doorbell sounds when baby is napping.

Schlage Sense Deadbolt Door Lock (

I love this product for so many reasons. When you are carrying your child in one arm and grocery bags in the other, there’s no more fumbling for your keys to unlock the front door. Just ask Siri to do it. If you can’t reach your phone, don’t worry. A personalized entry code can let you through gate. The number one reason for this device, though, is its auto-lock feature. We set ours to re-lock 30 seconds after it unlocks, which can help you in two ways. One, you’ll never forget to lock your door again, and two, your toddler won’t be able to pop that door open and run out the front door. As your child grows and is able to reach and unlock the front door, you can have notifications sent straight to your phone when the door unlocks. This is a blessing when your child is as fast as mine!

Arlo Wireless Security Cameras (

After our first child was born, I became “Daddy Secret Service Agent.” Protecting the homestead from would-be intruders was foremost in my mind. Luckily, with a four pack starter kit from Arlo, I was able to see all around my house anytime I thought I heard a bump in the night. These affordable cameras set up in minutes and can be installed without wire nearly anywhere by using magnetized mounting hardware.

Lights, Lights, and More Lights ( (

Philips Hue White

I don’t know how we managed before all these wonderful products came out. Once we have a children, our lives get so hectic it’s hard to concentrate on even the simplest tasks. We forget to turn lights off or can’t see anything when trying to heat up that bottle for the midnight feeding. With smart lights, you can schedule them to come on and off or control them with your voice so you’re not fumbling around looking for the light switch late at night. Your feet will really thank you when you don’t step on the toy car you left out because you were too exhausted to clean up. I am currently using a few different products in this category. Check out my other post on smart lighting basics for more information here.

Elgato’s Eve Room (

I have stated in previous blogs that we moved into a house we renovated back in November.  With all the paint and drywall work as well as the fact that the previous owners smoked and had many pets, I wondered about the air quality in our new home. With Elgato’s Eve Room sensor I no longer have to guess. The Eve Room sensor has the ability to measure the levels of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air, as well as temperature and humidity levels. The devices is wireless which will allow you to place it wherever you want in your house to gather data about your air quality. It really helps take the guesswork out of which room will be the best nursery. You can find out more about air quality and how Eve Room can help you stay informed here at Elgato’s website.

Oh yeah, here’s an added tip: Elgato’s Eve line also sports a wireless motion sensor that, when paired with the smart lights you bought, can turn your lights on and off automatically for you, giving you one less thing to think about while you are juggling your new bundle of joy.

Arlo Baby (


This last product rounds out my list. It’s a baby monitor that will be released soon by Arlo.  I have not gotten my hands on one yet, but the feature list packs quite a punch. Arlo’s website lists the following features:  Advanced Night Vision, HD Video, 2-Way Talk, Smart Multi-Colored Night Light, Motion and Sound Alerts, Smart Music player, and even Air Quality Sensors as its best features. On top of all that, it’s pretty cute and can be customized with accessories that make it look more like a stuffed animal. Check it out here for more information.


I can’t say that having a smart home will make you smarter parent. You’re still going to have to run back in the house because you forgot the diaper bag (or maybe even the baby), but we’ll just chalk that up to the lack of sleep. These products can make it easier for you and let you focus on the more important moments, like catching baby’s first steps on video to send to Grammy. So Moms, go ahead and let your husbands geek out one last time before you have to start worrying about college savings, and Dads, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Go ahead and make her day. She will thank you later.


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