Logitech Circle 2 With HomeKit Review

Intro Logitech has recently upgraded its firmware for their new flagship smart security camera the Circle 2. As promised by the company at release the update includes HomeKit platform support for the product, making it only the second official HomeKit integrated security camera on the market. Some confusion from the original announcement over what versions... Continue Reading →

Ring Doorbell Elite Released Today

Ring, the company responsible to Ring Video Doorbell, has announced another iteration of its quality Video Doorbell Product. The product is called Ring Doorbell Elite and boast many of the same features as the pro with one major difference.  The Elite will need to be connected via ethernet cable.  The ethernet cable installation method allows... Continue Reading →

Logitech Announces New Smart Security Camera

Logitech has announced its new security camera, the Circle-2, to the world and it looks spectacular.  One product category that has no shortage of competitors is that of security cameras.  Companies like Nest, Netgear, and Ring, all offer wireless and wired options. This makes introducing features, compatibilities, and adaptabilities the easiest way for products to... Continue Reading →

With Father’s Day Around the Corner These 3 Smart Gifts Will Surely be a Hit!

Give the Gift of a Lifx-time Lifx makes a great and powerful smart lightbulb for your home.  Dad will surely enjoy playing with color. Especially when the game is on the line and simply changing the color behind the TV can be the difference between winning a championship and dad being depressed for the next... Continue Reading →

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